The Gift of Special Moments

af5be27a9d8f81d18caef033c5f3545eThis year, give the gift of special moments together.

Why not spend some of the Christmas holiday away from the traditional hustle and bustle and enjoy a peaceful visit to the coast with family and friends at The Polynesian Resort.

The apartment-style accommodations at The PolyCard-games-for-children-played-with-standard-52-card-deck. Little eco footprintsnesian Resort are ideal for groups, family gatherings and extended stays. With our sparkling and in
viting indoor pool, spa and game room, there’s always lots of indoor fun. Enjoy plenty of space in your unit to unwind, relax and ring in the New Year with cards, games, movies and family time.  Bring your binoculars for nature viewing and bird watching or cuddle up to watch a winter storm.

At The Polynesian, you can prepare special meals in your room, or enjoy
the family-friendly offerings at our on-site restaurant, Mariah’s.

Call today to see what rooms are available for your group.  And be sure to ask about holiday gift certificates for The Polynesian and Mariah’s Restaurant.

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