Sand & Sawdust Festival

Chainsaw King

Sand & Sawdust Festival

The Ocean Shores Convention Center kicks off the beginning of summer with the annual  Sand & Sawdust Festival, always the last full weekend in June.   Chainsaw carvers, sand- castle building workshops, food and beverages, crafts, and more. Free admission. Pro and semi-pro carvers compete in a weekend-long competitions with live auctions each day.

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Sand & SawDust Festival in Ocean Shores

Ocean Shore’s annual  Sand & Sawdust Festival combines three days of events around the unique art forms of chainsaw carvings and sand castle building.  In addition, this year the Associated Arts of Ocean Shores has incorporated its juried Fine Arts, 3D & Photography Show into the event.  

Thirty amazing carvers will create nearly 100 unique chainsaw sculptures to be auctioned each day.   You can watch the artists at work, then purchase your favorite creations to adorn your home or businesses. Professional and semi-pro chainsaw carvers from across the nation will demonstrate their skills  

Among the participants is an international carving legend, Bob King of Edgewood.  He started carving in the fall of 1998, after watching a chain saw carver at a local fair.  He became fascinated and has gone on to win more carving competitions than anyone in the world. The distinction earned him a star on the Wood Carvers Walk of Fame in Mulda, Germany, in 2010.    

Chainsaw King
Bob King, legendary carver


“..these events make you enrich and refine your existing talents! I can’t say enough about them. We are put in front of a nice block of wood, given a theme (nautical, animals, etc.,), given an allotted amount of time and boom, you’re off. Poetic pandemonium I call it. “

Bob King, Wood Carver

You can see what he means in Ocean Shores, June 28-30.

Amateur Sand Building

Amateur sand building teams’ team are invited to register for the annual Sandcastle competition.   The theme for this year’s contest is Castle Creatures. Each team will be given a 15×15’ square area to work within and a five-gallon bucket to use for carrying water.  Teams of 5 will use only sand, water, shells and other natural materials found on the beach that day can be used for construction and adornment.

Candyland depieted in the Sandcastle contest in Ocean Shores.
Candyland, depicted in a past Ocean Shores sandcastle building contest.

Novices can start the day with a free sand building workshop from 9:30 to 10:30 on Saturday morning at the Convention Center.   The competition runs from 11am to 2pm with judging and awards following that.

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Sunny & 60’s: Ideal Weather Forecast for The Polynesian Resort in Ocean Shores

Bright days forecast at The Polynesian in Ocean Shores.

The forecast for Ocean Shores looks ideal

In the days ahead, you’ll find relief from the forecast heat inland at The Polynesian Resort in Ocean Shores.  While temperatures in urban areas will creep up in the 80’s and 90’s—too hot for most folks–you can stay cool on the Central Washington coast.

At The Polynesian Resort, the forecast calls for sunny, bright days, in the comfortable mid- 60’s.  The weather looks perfectly inviting all the way through for the weekend of the annual Sand and Sawdust Festival presented by Five Start Dealerships.   


Sunny forecast on the horizon

These are perfect days for beachcombing, riding bikes, hiking nearby trails or fishing from many lakes and streams.   Or, you can check out special events all summer long in town and at the Ocean Shores Convention Center.

Mathrew Whited

Chainsaw carving at Ocean Shores

Sand and Sawdust Festival, June 22-24

The annual Sand & Sawdust Festival combines three days of events around the unique art forms of chainsaw carvings and sand castle building.

Twenty-eight amazing carvers will create nearly 100 unique chainsaw sculptures to be auctioned each day.  You can watch the artists at work, then purchase your favorite creations.  Professional and semi-pro chainsaw carvers from Argentina to Texas, Minnesota and the Northwest will demonstrate their skills. The Friday and Saturday the program includes the audience favorite  “quick carve” event.

Sandcastle building workshops will be held at the convention center. Resident sand artist, Doug Orr, will build a sandcastle and provide free daily sand building workshops for the entire family.  With your new skills, you can head to the beach and build your own magical creations.

Then, on the beach, Justin The Circler will give guided instruction, teaching the ancient of sacred geometry through sand mandalas. Justin is a naturalist, philosopher, mathematician, inventor, carpenter, and artist.  He will guide you as you create your own symmetric designs or just freestyle creations in the Ocean Shore sand.

Sacred geometry sand mandalas

Lessons, tools, and plenty of sand await you for an experience you will not soon forget.  Free lessons will begin at 1pm, Friday-Sunday.   Your creations will last until the tide comes in.

Make memories every time you visit Ocean Shores.

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