Test an Electric Bike in Ocean Shores

Summers on the West Coast are perfect for those love to ride bikes and who don’t enjoy extreme heat. Summer temperatures in Ocean Shores, WA, reach the high 60’s and low 70’s, and there are plenty of clouds to keep you comfortable underneath the sun. The enjoyable weather makes it the perfect place to bike around and explore. Biking around Ocean Shores is made easier when you use an electric bike, especially if you want to explore the beach. There are some great electric bike rentals in Ocean Shores you can use to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

Where to Rent Bikes in Ocean Shores

Electric Beach Bikes is the number one place to rent an electric bike in Ocean Shores, and it’s just three minutes away from The Polynesian Resort. Electric bikes differ from regular bikes in the way that they give you an extra boost when you’re taking on more difficult terrain like the beach. Below you can find more information on Electric Beach Bikes and get ready for an afternoon of pedaling!

Electric Beach Bikes

Electric Beach Bikes rents a variety of motorized, fat tire bikes to ride along the beach or on trails. Since these bikes are classified as motor vehicles, no inch of sand is off limits! Electric bikes make pedaling easier because of a battery-powered “assist” that kicks in when you pedal. When you push on the pedal, a small motor engages and gives you a boost, so that you can zip up hills and pedal through challenging terrain without tiring yourself out. So whether you want to bike the beach or a few trails, you’ll be able to take it all on with more ease than normal.

With your bike rental, you’ll also get a helmet, a phone mount, a drawstring bag for your personal items, and access to a locker. Be sure to bring water, tennis shoes, and comfortable biking clothes! To get more information or confirm your bike rental, give Electric Beach Bikes a call at 360-593-7441. 

The Polynesian Resort

The beautiful Polynesian Resort is located right on the beach in Ocean Shores. We are one of the city’s favorite resorts because of our exceptional suites where you’ll have some of the most gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean and beaches. At our resort, you’ll find a sparkling, heated pool, as well as a spa and sauna. There is no shortage of activities to do at the resort – we have a wonderful outdoor private park with basketball, volleyball and picnic facilities, as well as a game room with a pool table. Located near all of Ocean Shore’s fun attractions, shopping, parks, golf, and more, you’ll have nothing but a great time when you stay with us. Book a room with us online, or call us at 1-800-562-4836.