Spring Gray Whale Migration in the Pacific Northwest

Whale Watching

Spring Gray Whale Migration   

The annual gray whale migration is just around the corner, and many stay at The Polynesian Resort in Ocean Shores, WA, during spring to catch a glimpse of the beautiful creatures. The best time for whale watching in the Pacific Northwest is between November through January when they migrate south, and again March to May when they migrate north. While each offers avid marine life enthusiasts the opportunity to spot whales, the northern gray whale migration is better as they travel with their young and can be spotted closer to shore. Keep reading to learn more about the spring season of whale watching in Washington.

Tips for Spotting Whales

Pacific gray whales are roughly the size of a school bus, measure over an incredible 40 feet in length, and can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Typically in the springtime, whales swim around one mile from the Pacific Northwest beaches and spout approximately every ten minutes. When scanning the horizon for pacific gray whales, many use a scope or binoculars and search for what resembles a white plume of water. The spout of the whale’s lung exhale is easily spotted against the blue sea as it shoots nearly 10 to 12 feet toward the sky. When the marine mammals swim close to the shores of Ocean Shores, WA, watchers also listen for the hiss of their spout and can smell the whale’s breath.

The Whale Trail

For the best opportunities for whale watching in Washington, head to the Pacific Beach State Park, which is just one of the 100 locations marked on The Whale Watch Trail. The park features educational facilities about the gray whale migration, well-marked vantage point signs, marine life pictures with information, and is less than 20 miles from Oceans Shores, WA.

Spring Getaway to Ocean Shores, WA

While it’s encouraged to check out the spring gray whale migration at the Pacific Beach State Park, observers also post up along the 6 miles of beach in Ocean Shores, WA. Along with whale watching in Washington, there are several other water-based adventures such as fishing, clamming, beach activities, and storm watching. There’s no better time than now to visit and have an unforgettable stay with The Polynesian Resort. To learn more about the different lodging options, please call 1-360-289-3361 or visit the accommodations page online.