The Gift of Not Giving


What if nobody gave kids presents, but instead gave them gifts? The gifts of experience, adventure and more importantly, familiarity. 

More and more bloggers are asking this question as adults race around trying to find the next great toy or latest techno gizmo for their kids.

This year, why not give your friends and family the gift of special moments together during a coastal escape to The Polynesian Resort in Ocean Shores?

Any time of year, the roomy, apartment-style accommodations at The Polynesian Resort are ideal for groups, family gatherings and extended stays.   With our sparkling and inviting indoor pool, spa and game room, there’s always lots of indoor fun.

But its outside where kids and adults can really unwind. Bring binoculars for nature viewing or bird watching.  Let your kids dream up their own adventures on the sandy beaches, nearby dunes or our private park,  running,  romping, and finding secret hiding places. Without other distractions, sticks, mud, water, rocks and room to roam are all they need for fun.

Call today to order holiday gift certificates for The Polynesian and Mariah’s Restaurant.

Year-round, a stay at the The Polynesian Resort on the majestic Washington coastline is a gift worth giving.

Bring Your Binoculars: Birding is exceptional in Ocean Shores

Bird watching in Ocean Shores is good any time of year. But it is exceptionally interesting now as migrating shorebirds pass through the Central Washington coast.

The diverse habitat on the peninsula is exceptional.  Nowhere else in Washington do so many diverse habitats co-exist–open salt water, ocean beaches, tidal salt marshes, freshwater ponds, deciduous and conifers woods, rock jetties  and open fields.  For that reason, over 300 species of shore birds and sea birds co-exist.

A snow owl spotted in Ocean Shores.

A snowy owl spotted in Ocean Shores.

Washington State’s birds belong to 18 orders—or large groupings of related families and species.   Easy to identify online, visit BirdWeb (a site of the Seattle Audubon Society) where you can search for a specific bird by entering its name or look for birds according to their groupings.

Be sure to bring binoculars with you when you plan an autumn escape to The Polynesian Resort.   Look up and around and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see!

Note:  Washington’s state bird is the Will Goldfinch (Carduelis tristis), designated in 1951. It’s also known as the American goldfinch of will canary that live on a diet of mainly seeds.