Great Idea! Gift Certificates to The Polynesian

An easy Top-Places-to-Spend-Christmas-at-the-Beach-acc9f7dc290f406eaec629eac8b5a0c2to give and sure to please gift for just about anyone on your list is a getaway to The Polynesian Resort, in Ocean Shores.

“It’s a perfect gift for us to give to our grown kids and their families,” said recent guests, Holly and Jim, from Longview.   “They love it. They can use the gift certificates any time of the year, and we don’t have to worry about getting our grandkids more stuff that they really don’t need.”

Holly says she puts a lot of creativity into wrapping The Polynesian gift certificate in a large package.  She’ll add items the family can use during their getaway, like big beach towels, sand GiftCertGraphictoys, and flashlights.

In addition to lodging gift certificates at The Polynesian Resort, certificates can also be purchased for dining at our onsite restaurant, Mariah’s, Ocean Shores’  most popular dinner spot.  Mariah’s features tasty, family-dining with a complete menu from fresh seafood and choice steaks, to burgers, salads, desserts and nightly specials, too.  Dining at Mariah’s is a special compliment to everyone’s stay at The Polynesian.

Gift certificates don’t expire, so the recipients can use them any time of the year. To purchase your gift certificates, call 1-800-562-4836.  Certificates can be mailed to you or directly to the recipient.   It’s one gift that will not be returned!

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