Fresh-Water Fishing: Duck Lake, Ocean Shores

Chinook Park, Duck Lake   (April Swenson photo)

Fresh-water fishing on Duck Lake, near The Polynesian Resort is another great reason to stay in Ocean Shores.

In fact, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife reports that October is one of the best months  for fishing the 27 miles of canals and lakes in Ocean Shores.

Why not make plans now to book a suite at The Polynesian Resort and drop your line in Duck Lake?

In the middle of Ocean Shores, Duck Lake is huge with plentiful wildlife and foul to catch your eye.   The lake is stocked regularly with Rainbow trout and Jumbo Rainbow Trout.  The stocked fish average 4-6 pounds each.   Largemouth Bass are more elusive.  There have been good reports on yellow perch and bluegill sunfish.

The City of Ocean Shores maintains and patrols two public boat launches.  One launch is   at North Bay Park, near the center of town.  The other city launch is at Chinook Park. Anglers can fish off the docks, embankments or launch their own vessels.  Both parks have ample parking, play areas, portable toilet and are wheelchair accessible.

The average depth of Duck Lake  is 7-11 feet with some areas in the north end reaching depths of 20-25 feet

Fishing licenses can be picked up in town at the Ace Hardware.  A one-day freshwater fishing license for residents is just $11.35.  Non-resident fee is $20.15.

Whether you catch a fish or not, you can always wind down the day at the Rusty Anchor Grill & Pub, Ocean Shores’  favorite restaurant, where you can enjoy fresh favorites and daily happy hours starting at 4pm.



  • I live in ocean shores and go fishing in duck lake a lot but never have I seen bluegill or sunfish but I’ve seen trout,crappie,perch, but no bass where are all the bass

    • Bass like to hide close to the Lilly pads or in cover and with often wait for there pray to near enough so the fish can pretty much suck it in or it will charge at it and the eat it, and you might want a lure that represents a small fish if not doing that already. Same with blue gill and I think sun fish just use a worm for those two, they will often eat off your worn or any other bait so there a bit more tricky so you might want to use a bobber two so you can the your bait getting eaten. Good luck and I hope this helps you

    • I live on the canals coming out from the lake and largemouth bass and perch are all I catch

  • We have fish an fished the canal no bass I keep hearing about big bass haven’t even see a little one where are the bass or are they a myth

  • Christopher Sauer

    My sons and I are looking for perch and any other panfish this spring at Duck Lake. I need wheelchair access so I know that limits things a little.

    When should we start looking for perch in the shallows and where can I access the lake other than the 3 major parks?

  • Christopher Sauer

    When do the perch and panfish start to move into the shallows? I don’t have access to a boat so will be fishing from one of the docks at the parks.

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  • Thanks for the reminder that I should also have the proper license when planning to go fishing. I’d like to look for a fishing boat rental service soon because I want to do something with my friends that’s close to nature. It’s been a long while since we did something outside of the city and I want to address that this summer.

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