Over 20 Ways to Play Outside: Escape the Inland Heat at The Polynesian in Ocean Shores

Fresh water fishing in Ocean Shores (Photo: City of Ocean Shores).

After days and days of 90+ degree inland heat, few places are as inviting as a sunny escape to The Polynesian Resort in Ocean Shores.

Oceanfront in Ocean Shores, you can actually beat the heat and play outside.  When the temps are near 70 and sunny, put on your favorite shorts and grab your sunglasses.

Break away from the heat and enjoy summer fun outdoors.

Here’s a list of things that are fun to do in Ocean Shores, especially when the temps are soaring inland:

  1. Breath fresh salt air
  2. Stroll the beach and sand dunes
  3. Hike lakeside trails
  4. Watch the tide roll in and out
  5. Do some fresh-water fishing
  6. Watch for wildlife
  7. Play 18 holes of golf
  8. Kayak a canal
  9. Take a long bike ride
  10. Throw a Frisbee on the beach
  11. Play a game of catch. Or tag. Or beach volleyball
  12. Go for a jog
  13. Ride a horse along the shore
  14. Walk the dog
  15. Stargaze
  16. Watch a sunset
  17. Ride go-karts with the kids
  18. Cruise around town on Mopeds
  19. Take a surf lesson (rent a board and wetsuit)
  20.  Standup Paddleboard on the canal
  21. Fly a kite
  22. Play in the private park at The Polynesian.  Tetherball, anyone?
  23. Sleep with the window open

In the interest of full disclosure, you will want to pack a  favorite sweatshirt to wear with shorts or sweatpants for the nighttime cool down.   That’s OK.  You’ll be comfy and completely relaxed.

The Polynesian Resort is one of the most popular resorts along the Central Washington Coast.  It features roomy, condominium accommodations.   There’s plenty of room for family and friends.  Full kitchens are available. The Polynesian also provides free continental breakfast each morning except Sundays when you can enjoy a sumptuous breakfast buffet at Mariah’s Restaurant.

Amenities include a sparkling indoor pool, sauna, and spa.  Check availability online.  


Ocean Shores has 23 miles of canals inviting for people who enjoy kayaks, canoes, and stand up paddle boards.




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