Dine at the Best Restaurant in Ocean Shores

Wherever you are going on vacation, you want to make sure that you’re eating at the tastiest restaurants in the area. Whether you’re looking for seafood, American cuisine, or good local pub food, The Rusty Anchor Grill & Pub in Ocean Shores has it all. Located right on The Polynesian Resort’s property, you’re just steps away from a delicious dinner. 

The Rusty Anchor Grill & Pub

The Rusty Anchor Grill & Pub at The Polynesian Resort has you covered for dinner. The newest casual dining spot on the Washington coast is open Tuesday-Saturday from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. for happy hour and dinner featuring all sorts of appetizers, salads, and entrees. The Rusty Anchor Grill & Pub has just about every kind of food you could want. Enjoy a yummy seafood appetizer before one of our tasteful salads. If you’re in the mood for a hearty burger or sandwich, we have you covered! For pasta lovers, we have four mouth-watering pasta dishes that will leave you more than satisfied. Steaks, oysters, salmon, fish and chips, and so much more are offered here, to make sure that everyone in your group finds something they love. With such a variety, you may even dine with us multiple times on your vacation to Ocean Shores. 

The Best Place to Stay in Ocean Shores, WA: The Polynesian Resort

After a day out in Ocean Shores, relax at The Polynesian Resort. Whether you’d like a penthouse or a one or two-bedroom suite, we have everything you need during your next Ocean Shores vacation. Enjoy our beautiful outdoor private park throughout your stay or take a stroll on the miles of sandy beach a short walk from your room. Book your room with ease online today, and get ready for your memorable stay at The Polynesian Resort!

Embark on an Ocean Shores Fishing Excursion

The Polynesian Resort offers stunning oceanfront views, cozy, apartment-style accommodations, and access to a plethora of outdoor adventures. When you’re surrounded by 23 miles of freshwater canals on the Pacific Coast, embarking on an Ocean Shores fishing excursion just makes sense. Get all the equipment you’ll need from a bait and tackle shop near our Oceans Shores hotel and set off for a relaxing day on the water.   

Everything You Need to Know about Fishing in Ocean Shores

Whether you prefer freshwater or saltwater fishing, you can get the best of both worlds near our Ocean Shores lodging. Before you set off, make sure you have your Washington fishing license, which you can get online or at a bait and tackle shop. Cast a line from the shore or consider an Ocean Shores, WA, boat rental and meander the labyrinth of canals via Duffy boat or kayak. 

Freshwater Fishing Spots

Make your way to North Bay Park at Duck Lake and reel in some bass, trout, and crappie year-round. The park itself is also an excellent place to host a picnic. Chinook Park offers tranquil fishing areas, perfect for a family outing. Local bass anglers know Grand Canal to be the sweet spot for reeling in a variety of bass and other fish. 

Surf Fishing from Damon Point

If you’d like to try your hand at surf fishing, consider casting a line from the shoreline at Damon Point. You’re sure to appreciate the outstanding ocean views, tranquil atmosphere, and the vibrant array of marine wildlife. Aside from fishing, Damon Point also has an admirable cache of seashells and is home to many unique birds like the snowy plover. 

Your Ideal Coastal Getaway Awaits in Ocean Shores

If you’re looking for places to stay near Ocean Shores, WA, The Polynesian Resort provides outstanding oceanfront views, private living accommodations, and access to miles of sandy beaches. Stop by our on-site eatery, the Rusty Anchor and Grill Pub, for fresh and classic pub fare. Regardless of what holds your interest, you’re sure to find plenty of things to do near Ocean Shores, WA. Reserve your beachfront accommodations online, or give us a call at 1-800-562-4836

Indulge in the Best Breakfast in Ocean Shores

Breakfast in Ocean Shores

Indulge in the Best Breakfasts in Ocean Shores!

When you’re on vacation, you should enjoy every moment from when you wake up until to go to sleep. One of the best ways to start your day off is with a delicious breakfast in Ocean Shores. It’s the perfect way to fuel your body before a day of adventuring in the area. If you’re visiting Ocean Shores and you’re a little unsure of where the best breakfast food is, then you’ve come to the right place! Bring your family and friends and get ready to dig in.

The Most Mouthwatering Breakfast Places in Ocean Shores

There’s no shortage of scrumptious breakfast food and places that serve it in Ocean Shores. During your visit, you want to make sure that you dine at only the best breakfast places! Below, you can find the most mouthwatering breakfast places in Ocean Shores.

Linda’s Bakery & Cafe

Enjoy all of the breakfast classics at Linda’s Bakery & Cafe. Starting at 8 a.m., Linda’s kitchen will begin serving their delicious breakfast, including frittatas, quiche, french toast, and more. If you’re not an early bird, don’t worry, because breakfast is served all day! Lunch is also available with plenty of homemade goodies.

Ocean Beach Roasters & Bistro

Breakfast is served every day until 1 p.m. at Ocean Beach Roasters & Bistro. Indulge in benedicts and omelets, biscuits and gravy, and other Roasters specials. Fresh pastries and delectable treats, as well as freshly brewed coffee, are available. You don’t want to miss out on breakfast that tastes this good!

Ocean Shores Lodging: The Polynesian Resort

You won’t be disappointed when you stay with us at The Polynesian Resort, home to the finest lodging in Ocean Shores. We are just minutes away from all of the best breakfast Beach front in Ocean Shoresplaces in the area, and it’s the perfect resort for some family-friendly fun. You’ll have beautiful views of the beach from one of our condominium-style guest rooms or penthouse suites. Come and see all that we have to offer here at The Polynesian Resort. To book with us,  call 1-800-562-4836.

Razor Clams! Dig Washington

Clam digging along beaches of Ocean Shores.

The Pacific razor clam is one of the most sought after shellfish in Washington.

Experienced diggers know one of the best places to stay is at The Polynesian Resort in Ocean Shores. That’s because The Polynesian Resort offers apartment-style rooms with full kitchens. Therefore, you can cook up and enjoy your razor clam harvest right away.

Few meals are as tasty as fresh clams fried in butter or served as the highlight of a big pot of clam chowder. Served with family and friends makes it even better!

Check The Polynesian calendar for scheduled clam digging dates at nearby Copalis or Mocrocks beaches.  Then, book your stay at The Polynesian Resort.

Everything you need to know!

Recreational digging for razor clams can be enjoyed by all ages, from children to seniors,  Diggers just need a clam shovel or specialized tube, a container to put your clams in, and, most importantly, a clam license.

You can also learn how the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife manages the razor clam resources along the state’s shoreline.his brief video Field Report from Copalis Beach in Ocean Shores will show you what you  

You should also check the WDFW page for updates to current regulations.

Digs at Day and Night

Seasons are set to accommodate the interest in digging year-round.

Near The Polynesian Resort in Ocean Shores, diggers head to either Copalis or Mocrocks Beaches.  Dig dates and times at these beaches are outlined here.

During the fall and winter, diggers usually go out at night during low tide.   They brave the elements, digging by lantern or flashlight. It’s more of an adventure. And, usually, you’ll compete with fewer diggers for the shellfish prize!

Springtime digs take place during daylight tides and better weather.  That’s when more people show up.  Regardless of when you go, you’re sure to have a memorable adventure!




Explore the Waterways of Ocean Shores

Ocean Shores’ 23 miles of freshwater canals are popular with kayakers and stand up paddlers who are eager to explore. The waterways of Ocean Shores are a foundation of the community, beginning in 1960 when the town was being first developed.  For the next five years, a huge hydraulic dredge worked to create 1,600 lake and canal front lots.

Duck Lake and its connecting water routes are perfect for paddlers of all ages and abilities.  Unlike the beach, which can experience strong, gusty winds, the protected waterways are typically calm.   Explorers glide effortlessly, easily observing an incredible amount of wildlife that coexists with the homes along the water.

Natural beauty is abundant.  Migratory and local birds use the waters as a place of rest and dining.  You’re likely to see an avian dive for dinner.  Local deer populations wander along the shores.   Bring binoculars as you journey through peaceful routes with names like Otter Alley, Bass Canal, and Blue Heron Bayou.   

If you have your own vessels, head to any of three popular launch sites, at North Bay Park, Chinook Park, and at Texmar Avenue.  Above all, wear layers of clothing and life jackets, of course.

Watercraft Rental: Hydrobikes and Duffy Boats

For kayak and SUP rentals and life jackets, connect with Ocean Shores Boathouse.

They also rent unique vessels like Hydrobikes and Duffy boats.  Hydrobikes are like riding a bike across the water.  And, electric Duffy boats are like the Jungle boats at Disneyland. They are quiet cruisers that accommodate up to ten people at a time.   Duffy boats are easy to operate and offer a  fun way for people of all ages to get out on the water and look around.  Currently, the Ocean Shore Boathouse hours are 11 am to 6 pm daily, except closed on Thursdays.

The Polynesian Resort

The beautiful Polynesian Resort is located right on the beach in Ocean Shores providing the only condominium-style accommodation in Ocean Shores.   There’s ample room for family and friends and plenty of fun to enjoy at The Polynesian Resort. We have a wonderful outdoor private park with basketball, volleyball and picnic facilities, as well as a game room with a pool table. Located near all of Ocean Shore’s fun attractions, shopping, parks, golf, and more, you’ll have nothing but a great time when you stay with us. Book a room with us online, or call us at 1-800-562-4836.



Test an Electric Bike in Ocean Shores

Summers on the West Coast are perfect for those love to ride bikes and who don’t enjoy extreme heat. Summer temperatures in Ocean Shores, WA, reach the high 60’s and low 70’s, and there are plenty of clouds to keep you comfortable underneath the sun. The enjoyable weather makes it the perfect place to bike around and explore. Biking around Ocean Shores is made easier when you use an electric bike, especially if you want to explore the beach. There are some great electric bike rentals in Ocean Shores you can use to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

Where to Rent Bikes in Ocean Shores

Electric Beach Bikes is the number one place to rent an electric bike in Ocean Shores, and it’s just three minutes away from The Polynesian Resort. Electric bikes differ from regular bikes in the way that they give you an extra boost when you’re taking on more difficult terrain like the beach. Below you can find more information on Electric Beach Bikes and get ready for an afternoon of pedaling!

Electric Beach Bikes

Electric Beach Bikes rents a variety of motorized, fat tire bikes to ride along the beach or on trails. Since these bikes are classified as motor vehicles, no inch of sand is off limits! Electric bikes make pedaling easier because of a battery-powered “assist” that kicks in when you pedal. When you push on the pedal, a small motor engages and gives you a boost, so that you can zip up hills and pedal through challenging terrain without tiring yourself out. So whether you want to bike the beach or a few trails, you’ll be able to take it all on with more ease than normal.

With your bike rental, you’ll also get a helmet, a phone mount, a drawstring bag for your personal items, and access to a locker. Be sure to bring water, tennis shoes, and comfortable biking clothes! To get more information or confirm your bike rental, give Electric Beach Bikes a call at 360-593-7441. 

The Polynesian Resort

The beautiful Polynesian Resort is located right on the beach in Ocean Shores. We are one of the city’s favorite resorts because of our exceptional suites where you’ll have some of the most gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean and beaches. At our resort, you’ll find a sparkling, heated pool, as well as a spa and sauna. There is no shortage of activities to do at the resort – we have a wonderful outdoor private park with basketball, volleyball and picnic facilities, as well as a game room with a pool table. Located near all of Ocean Shore’s fun attractions, shopping, parks, golf, and more, you’ll have nothing but a great time when you stay with us. Book a room with us online, or call us at 1-800-562-4836.  


15 Family-Friendly Things to Do in Ocean Shores

Family Fun in Ocean Shores

Enjoy the small coastal city of Ocean Shores, WA, on an upcoming family vacation as the Pacific Northwest has much to offer travelers staying at The Polynesian Resort. With many family-friendly things to do in Ocean Shores, the region has become a destination for groups of all ages. The six-mile-long peninsula features over 250 species of birds, endless entertainment, numerous shops, and diverse restaurants with plenty of food options for picky eaters. Continue reading to learn more about the family-friendly things to do in Ocean Shores, WA, as you’ll find 15 listed below.

15 Family-Friendly Activities

  1. Stuff yourself with a fantastic all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet from the Rusty Anchor Grill & Pub located on-site
  2. Try something new, like stand up paddleboarding or kayaking with Ocean Shores Boat House
  3. Bring the little ones to play mini-golf at Pacific Paradise in Ocean Shores, WA
  4. Pick up a keepsake from the Bay Gifts souvenir shop to remember your vacation full of the fun Ocean Shores activities
  5. Find a hidden treasure at the unique Mermaid Cove shop which features local artisan creations
  6. See how many species of Pacific Northwest birds you can spot at Damon Point
  7. Pick out a kite at Ocean Shores Kites and enjoy a windy day at Ocean City State Park
  8. Go horseback riding on the beach with Honey Pearl Ranch
  9. For families with teens and young adults head to the Ocean Shores, WA, driving range
  10. Visit the North Jetty beach area and see who can find the most interesting shell
  11. Explore the nooks and crannies at one of the many antique shops located right in Ocean Shores, WA
  12. Put your bowling skills to the test or feel like a kid again playing arcade games at Shores Bowl
  13. Search for your childhood favorite candies from Buddy & Howie’s Old-Fashioned Sweet Shop
  14. When the storms come rolling in head to Damon Point or the North Jetty to see the Pacific Northwest waves explode
  15. If you have a family of anglers, see who can get the biggest catch with Ocean Charters

Relax in Ocean Shores, WA

While there are many other family-friendly things to do in Ocean Shores, these are several that travelers can add to their list. The Polynesian Resort offers guests a luxury experience when it comes to unwinding on a family vacation. Whether it’s grabbing a cocktail at the Rusty Anchor Grill & Pub while the kids play outside or a dip together in the indoor heated pool, you won’t have to go far to kick back and relax. To learn more about the fun things to do in Ocean Shores, check out the Attractions page on the website. For travelers looking to speak with someone at the resort directly, please call 1-800-562-4836.


Spring Gray Whale Migration in the Pacific Northwest

Whale Watching

Spring Gray Whale Migration   

The annual gray whale migration is just around the corner, and many stay at The Polynesian Resort in Ocean Shores, WA, during spring to catch a glimpse of the beautiful creatures. The best time for whale watching in the Pacific Northwest is between November through January when they migrate south, and again March to May when they migrate north. While each offers avid marine life enthusiasts the opportunity to spot whales, the northern gray whale migration is better as they travel with their young and can be spotted closer to shore. Keep reading to learn more about the spring season of whale watching in Washington.

Tips for Spotting Whales

Pacific gray whales are roughly the size of a school bus, measure over an incredible 40 feet in length, and can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Typically in the springtime, whales swim around one mile from the Pacific Northwest beaches and spout approximately every ten minutes. When scanning the horizon for pacific gray whales, many use a scope or binoculars and search for what resembles a white plume of water. The spout of the whale’s lung exhale is easily spotted against the blue sea as it shoots nearly 10 to 12 feet toward the sky. When the marine mammals swim close to the shores of Ocean Shores, WA, watchers also listen for the hiss of their spout and can smell the whale’s breath.

The Whale Trail

For the best opportunities for whale watching in Washington, head to the Pacific Beach State Park, which is just one of the 100 locations marked on The Whale Watch Trail. The park features educational facilities about the gray whale migration, well-marked vantage point signs, marine life pictures with information, and is less than 20 miles from Oceans Shores, WA.

Spring Getaway to Ocean Shores, WA

While it’s encouraged to check out the spring gray whale migration at the Pacific Beach State Park, observers also post up along the 6 miles of beach in Ocean Shores, WA. Along with whale watching in Washington, there are several other water-based adventures such as fishing, clamming, beach activities, and storm watching. There’s no better time than now to visit and have an unforgettable stay with The Polynesian Resort. To learn more about the different lodging options, please call 1-360-289-3361 or visit the accommodations page online.  

5 Reasons to Go to the Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival

Razor Clam Digging in Ocean Shores

Razor clam digging provides family fun in Ocean Shores.

5 Reasons to Go to the Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival

The Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival is a huge annual event held in Washington that brings many travelers from across the Pacific Northwest to stay at The Polynesian Resort each year. The festival is one of the most popular upcoming events in Ocean Shores, WA, and the Pacific Northwest during the springtime for seafood lovers and those with kids as well. Each year, the festival expands at the Ocean Shores Convention Center and brings more exciting activities for families to enjoy. There’s everything from an artisan marketplace to live entertainment as well as a children’s area and, of course, the Clam Chowder Cook-Off. The first thing to know about the event is that it’s free to attend, and while there are many reasons to go, here are five anticipated things to do in Ocean Shores, WA, at this year’s event. 

1. Enjoy the Food Variety

The food at the festival is what makes this one of the most anticipated upcoming events in Ocean Shores, WA, in March. While the razor clams can be found around every corner, there are several other seafood options, including a raw oyster bar, crab cakes, fresh shrimp, seafood gumbo, halibut, and cod! Along with seafood, there will also be brats, hot dogs, pork sandwiches, and a plethora of dessert festival favorites such as funnel cakes, kettle corn, and cotton candy. A large selection of adult beverages is also available for purchase at the Festival Bar inside the Convention Center, including beer, local wines, and spirits.

2. Sample the Chowders 

The highly anticipated Grays Harbor County Chowder Contest brings the city of Ocean Shores, WA, together for a fun day of chowder tasting. During the contest, many walk around sampling different seafood dishes by purchasing a tasting passport. Tasters have the option to vote for their favorite clam chowder in the Pacific Northwest once each option has been sampled. In addition to the chowder contest, cooking demonstrations run all day long inside and outside of the center. 

3. Enjoy Activities for Kids and Adults

Many families bring their little ones to attend the Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival because of the versatile kid-friendly activities. While there are beverages, live music, and over 40 vendors for adults, children enjoy the giant outdoor slide, face painting, and cotton candy stand outside of the center. Both adults and kids can hop on the Mechanical Shark, where ride options range from wild to mild!   

4. Learn How-To Dig for Clams

First-timers that attend the festival are encouraged to learn all about clam digging while staying in the city of Ocean Shores, WA, during the event. Workshops conducted by the staff of the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife teach the public how to properly use clam digging equipment along with how to find, cook, and clean clams.   A license must be purchased before digging on the beach and are available at multiple locations close to the event (listed below). 

  • Ace Hardware
  • Sunrise Market
  • You & I Market
  • Oyhut Bay Fresh Market
  • The Sunshine Deli Mart & Gas

5. Live Like a Local 

The Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival celebrates the culture and beach life of the Pacific Northwest while providing seemingly endless entertainment for all ages. The city of Ocean Shores, WA, features six miles of beach that become a sought-out destination for clam lovers and anglers in March. During the show, locals and visitors spend time shopping the vendor booths for artisan crafts, outdoor gear, and fishing equipment while chatting with the locals. For this year’s dates, schedule, and times, visit OSRazorClamFestival.org.

Stay Warm in Ocean Shores, WA

Stay close to the Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival action by booking a stay at The Polynesian Resort located less than a mile from the Convention Center. Stay warm during

Heated indoor pool

the colder months by hopping in the heated indoor pool for a swim or make your way to the indoor spa and sauna on-site. Guests traveling with young adults and kids won’t have to go far for entertainment as there is a game room right at the resort. Take a look through the amenities page to learn more, don’t forget to look at the Specials online before booking directly on the website. Please call 1-800-562-4836 to speak with a staff member directly.

Mocrocks Clam Digging

Clam Digging Map

Clam digging is scheduled at Mocrocks Beach in Ocean Shores, as announced by the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife. (WDFW).

Sometimes digs are canceled with little notice if toxins or other issues arise with the shellfish population.

WDFW  typically announces whether a dig will go forward about a week before the opening, said Dan Ayres, coastal shellfish manager for the department.

Be sure to double-check with the Department of Fish and Wildlife schedule before you make a special trip.

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